Activities in Class

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During the implementation of the Program "WeC.A.R.E" 2012-2013, the teachers implement activities in class which aim at resiliency  a) on an individual level (student, teacher), and b) on a class and school level. The activities include specific directions concerning practical issues (i.e. time of implementation) and analytical descriptions concerning the way the activities should be implemented in class. Every activity is adjusted for three age groups “kindergarten, Years 1 and 2 of primary school”, “Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 of primary school”  and “high school”.
The participating classes journey together on the School boat “WeC.A.R.E.” to several islands – stations that have been inspired by the Ancient Greek literature and mythology (i.e. The journey of Odysseus)
The participating classes also have the opportunity to interact in smaller groups and carry out their voyage (activities in class, thoughts and material) on a virtual place with the use of the Online interactive educational game “Sailing for Caring” (Sailing4Caring).
The participants of the International program “We C.A.R.E” 2012-2013 have access to detailed instructions for the implementation of the activities in class and the use of the Online interactive educational game “Sailing for Caring” (Sailing4Caring) through the electronic platform (Moodle) Ε-Learning.
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