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Activities of the Society for School and Family Consultation and Research (SSFCR)
Continuous education – Specialized training
  • Seminars for teachers and mental health specialists on issues of school and psychosocial adjustment and the promotion of psychological health.
  • Long-distance education
  • Supervision of psychologists and special needs teachers on  assessment and intervention
  • Supervision of mental health specialists for individual or group interventions
Services for Nurseries and Schools
  • Designing, implementing and evaluating  prevention and intervention programs
  • Teachers’, school administrators’ and parents’ training
  • Counseling for children, teachers and parents
  • Assessment of  learning and psychosocial difficulties
Services for the Family and Children
  • Psychological and learning assessment of children and adolescents with special educational needs
  • Individual educational programs for children with learning, language and developmental difficulties
  • Individual/Group counseling of children and adolescents
  • Adult, couple and family counseling
  • Parents’ seminars on school and family issues
  • Tele-counseling
Services for Institutions and Organizations
  • Consultation services to institutions, foundations and organizations on issues of education, development and support for children.
Research activities
  • Research at school and family
  • Participation in research programs of the European Union, International Scientific Companies, Organizations and other foundations
  • Designing and developing educational material
Address:  8 Omirou str., 105 64 Athens
Contact details: Tel/Fax : +30 210-3233860