Online interactive educational application "Sailing for Caring"

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One of the key innovative features of the WeC.A.R.E. program is the interactive online game Sailing4Caring through which students make a virtual journey on board the WeC.A.R.E. School Boat. Each class inhabits a cabin along with the other 3 or 4 classes from Greece & other countries worldwide. 
Through the Sailing4Caring game the classes can communicate, collaborate on their group projects, and share their work with their peers from around the world. (short video of the application Sailing For Caring) The participating classes have the opportunity to interact with smaller groups and carry along in their voyage (activities in class) in a virtual space with the aid of an online interactive game “ Sailing for Caring” (S4C).
The participants in the international program WeC.A.R.E 2015-2016 have access to the complete instructions for the implementation of the activities and the use of this online interactive educational game “S4C” through the electronic platform (e-learning).

The joint project consists in formatting and uploading the product of the second in-class activity together with the product of the other classes in the group. It does not require extra work in terms of preparation, but rather, it is a collaborative synthesis of what has come out of the second in-class activity. For example if the second activity of a particular module produced a collection of photographs, the joint project could consist in having each class upload these photographs on a larger online group album. Teachers that form a 2 or 3 member group can communicate via our online forum be creative in the way in which they will put this material together. The classes’ interaction and sharing of material will take place via the online game platform “Sailing for Caring”.