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Aim of the program

The aim of the program is to strengthen and foster children’s and teachers’ resilience on an individual level, group-classroom level and on a wider school system level. A further aim is to support teachers who experience and are affected by the economic crisis in many ways, through fostering their resilience so that they are able to respond to the demands of their personal and work life.


Participants Comments
"I bonded emotionally more with my students. I understood that if you help the children set goals they try to achieve them with more enthusiasm " - teacher comment
"The children felt at ease writing about things they could not easily discss before. They set goals and tried to achieve them" - teacher comment

"I came closer to my colleagues that also participated in the Program and I got to know them better. I met colleagues from other schools and places and listened to their personal stories...How much they resemble ours" - teachers' comment


The specialized training program for teachers for the psychological support of students during the period of economic crisis , “Supporting In Crisis”, is part of a multilevel program of prevention, building awareness, training and intervention «Connecting for Caring» (C4C) and it is addressed to kindergarten and Primary School teachers.


Educational Material

In order for teachers to contribute to the promotion of students’ resiliency, specifically designed and structured activities are given to the teachers to implement in class within the program framework. 
These activities are implemented on different levels: a. on a Individual level for every student, so that each student’s resiliency in class is targeted; b. on a Class level with different activities which target resiliency of all the class members including the teacher; and c. on a School level where resiliency and a positive climate for all school members is promoted through particular methodology and activities for all the members of the school community.
During the implementation of the Program “Supporting In Crisis” the teachers were given two activities which targeted at improving resiliency in two levels: a) individual (students, teacher), (activity “Stories In class...I”) and b) class activities (students and teacher) “There was a small boat”). For every activity specific implementation instructions were given, which included thorough instructions on practical issues (i.e. time of implementation) but also detailed descriptions on how they should be implemented in class. Every activity was accompanied by a relevant leaflet, which was a kind of a diary where the students recorded their experiences in a fun way.

Further education and specialized teaching

The specialized training of teachers is carried out within a structured and specialized framework. The program consists of two initial seminars on building awareness and three specialized seminars. Every specialized training consists of two parts.  In the first part the theoretical framework is concisely presented, each time including a more specific theme as well as presentation of activities, while in the second part there are two sub units: a) the first concerns the supervision of the activities implemented by the teachers in class, b) the second concerns especially designed practical activities for the teachers themselves that target the acquisition of skills and knowledge through a different, alternative way of learning.
During the school year January – May 2012 the “Training Program for teachers for the psychological support of children during the economic crisis”, “Supporting In Crisis” was carried out; there participated  schools from Attica and provinces.  In the first two trainings 344 teachers participated from which 138 teachers from 29 schools were selected to participate in the three specialized trainings.